Liquidity Providers for
the Next Generation Of
Capital Markets


DeltaBlock is Financial Technology Provider and Digital Asset Management Firm specialized in sourcing liquidity. We bring over 10 years of experience in highly illiquid traditional capital markets and cutting edge research in math applied to liquidity modeling in order to adapt traditional services to the next generation of assets and exchanges.

  • We’ve developed a pluri-protocol and state of the art infrastructure committed to provide a robust and secure institutional grade algorithmic trading and liquidity management.
  • DeltaBlock is a compliant and reliable partner who contributes to the building of trust in the space by incorporating European regulations at an infrastructure level.

Digital Asset issuers

Our solid experience in traditional illiquid capital markets and high frequency trading algorithms helps you improve the market conditions of your asset.



Our compliant and monitorable infrastructure combined with cutting edge knowledge in math and machine learning applied to liquidity modeling are here to enhance the general market conditions in your marketplace.


Institutional investors

Our turn-key solution eases the liquidity sourcing by optimal trade execution and OTC trading for your operations.


Give Life To Your
Digital Assets

We believe that liquidity is a pre-request for digital assets. So we've built
the infrastructure and the service to provide it.

  • Reduce the Bid/Ask Spread up to 1% with minimum inventory loss.
  • Reduce the volatility of your digital assets.
  • Reduce price slippage and fight the low resiliency.
  • Build trust on your asset and get visibility.
  • Increment your executed operations
  • Enhance the quality of your trading venue by incrementing the liquidity and improving market conditions.
  • Differentiate by gaining the most relevant competitive advantage.
  • Incorporate a liquidity guarantee in your customers’ white paper or prospectus, decrease the liquidity risk of their asset and attract more investors.
  • Add your distinctive “White Label” and differentiate your service.

Why Us


First-of-a-kind Solution

DeltaBlock offers a “Plug and Play” solution, that’s completely transparent, monitorable and auditable by regulators. Clients can see, measure and compare the effectiveness of DeltaBlock algorithms.


Trustworthy and compliant

DeltaBlock incorporates MIFID II and all European regulations at an infrastructure level. DeltaBlock do not generate profit from the trading activity and maximizes the liquidity in the market.


Proprietary Technology

DeltaBlock has built a state-of-the-art infrastructure and has designed its own systems to run under high security standards and connectivity/network efficiency.


Exchange integration

DeltaBlock is already integrated with multiple major digital asset exchanges and we add new connections on a weekly basis. We ensure the sourcing of liquidity on a global scale and gather relevant information on the market conditions by retrieving data.


Trading expertise

We have a decade of experience in highly illiquid environments, high frequency trading and financial modeling. Our team is at the forefront of the discipline and has built trading infrastructure, quantitative models and delivered complex execution for worldwide known firms.



Our cutting edge research in mathematics applied to liquidity modeling, deep knowledge on blockchain technologies and deep learning techniques allow us to offer the most efficient algorithm in the market.

Founding Team

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CEO & Co-Founder

Maria Silvia Scetta has nearly a decade of experience in capital markets. She has worked in J P Morgan and has relevant experience as a trader and Portfolio manager in highly illiquid markets such as frontier and emerging markets. She is a Financial Engineer and holds a MSc. in Finance.

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CTO & Co-Founder

Hamza El Khalloufi holds a PhD. In math applied to liquidity modeling from Sorbonne University (Paris 1). He is a financial engineer and gained relevant experience in quantitative modeling in the banking industry. He has been involved in the Blockchain ecosystem for years and is a respected research fellow in the field of Digital Assets at Cambridge University.

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